[A Strange Masterpiece] Videos of Knitting With Instant Ramen Are Too Surreal!

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What’s wrong and what’s right depends on how you see it, right? Life is short, so we should wholeheartedly do what we like!

Having been said, what about someone that wants to knit with noodles? That kind of person can’t really… But there is! There is someone out there using those curly yellow noodles to make works of knitting art! Why you ask, and why indeed. Maybe underneath the weird and crazy, there’s a really deep meaning?!

There are YouTube videos where you can watch someone knit with two needles, obviously, but the wool being used is just instant noodles! But there’s one problem that must weigh heavily in your minds. How do you knit with the delicate noodles that even breaks easily when you cook it?

If you remember a long time ago, there was a game where you had two poles with electric current running through them and you had to make it to the goal without touching the two (probably some weird Japanese game, I don’t know it haha). Well this noodle knitting sort of resembles it, in the sense that you need tremendous concentration skill.

The maker of these videos is a girl called Cynthia Suwito, a multimedia artist in Singapore. She says that there is indeed a message behind the noodle knitting.

“Instant ramen was made for our need for everything to be done quickly. Combining that with the slow art of knitting, which requires steadiness and time to make perfect. It’s this that my videos contrast.”

Or something like that. Restless viewers being somewhat calmed is also an aim of these videos. Watching closely gives a sense that nothing is being rushed, and moving too quickly will break the noodles.

Even though we won’t be copying the video, slowing putting your worries away and watching these calming videos are good to do. There are sayings like “The best things take time” and “slow and steady wins the race” for a reason. You don’t see any sayings urging you to rush about!





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