The age limit for the elderly should be moved to 75

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At the moment, the elderly in Japan are considered to be people over 65 years of age. Doctors, professors and the like from the Japan Geriatrics Society (日本老年学会) say that it’s better to consider the lower bound of the elderly as 75, as people from 65 to 74 that have an active and healthy lifestyle are becoming more common.

Doctor Yasuyoshi Ōuchi says “In comparison to 20 years ago, the elderly nowadays have a body that seems around 5-10 years younger.”

According to the Geriatrics Society, 65-74 year olds are healthy and able to continue work, volunteering and the so on, and being able to actively work is important. However, whether or not the available age for pension should be changed needs to be discussed, they say.



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