A Simpleminded Problem – Can White Chocolate Really Be Considered White Chocolate?

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As the new year begins, Valentine’s Day begins to draw close. As you make that realisation, department stores and shopping malls are devotedly stockpiling heart shaped goods and chocolates.

So, chocolate can be separated into dark, milk and what we once knew as white chocolate, right? Some people are beginning to question if white chocolate can really be called chocolate. “Even though it’s made of cacao, it’s white!” People question suspiciously. So, the author of this article (not me) will try to answer this question today.

Why is white chocolate white?

During the production of chocolate, cacao mass and a fatty grease called cocoa butter is taken from the raw cacao bean. As cocoa butter is milky white and used in white chocolate, we can assume that that is the cause of the colour of white chocolate. Also, white chocolate has a very smooth texture that melts in your mouth, which again can be attributed to the use of cocoa butter.

Is white chocolate really chocolate?

White chocolate is made by adding milk, sugar and other flavourings to cocoa butter. The cacao mass that is made into your normal brown chocolate is not used at all.

Some of you might be thinking “Since there’s no cacao mass, it can’t be called real chocolate right?” But as the professional chocolate rulings say (チョコレートの公正競争規約?), the category of chocolate depends on the amount of cacao used, and cocoa butter is definitely considered as an ingredient.

It’s clear that it’s chocolate!

According to the Japanese Chocolate and Cocoa Association, anything with over 18% cocoa butter composition can be classified as chocolate.

As the main ingredient in the cacao bean is cocoa butter, regardless of the colour, it is great chocolate.

A description from an official site

However, the rulings in America slightly differ, requiring at least 20% cacao product to be considered chocolate. Therefore, white chocolate may not be able to be considered chocolate there.

In any case, we’ve made clear that white chocolate is chocolate. When you hand over your Valentine’s chocolate to your special guy, maybe you can use this bit of trivia to your advantage!


Translator notes:

A lot of chocolate/cooking vocab. Check out the original story, obviously this article is not mine, I only tried to translate as best as I could.




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